Company Introduction

Company Introduction

Evercrete distributing top quality eco-friendly waterproofing materials
in the worldwide over 70 years

Who is Evercrete?

Evercrete has been manufacturing and distributing top quality eco-friendly building materials since 1942.

Evercrete has helped to preserve and waterproof countless buildings, bridges and every feasible structure around the world. With a 70 years testing time, it has proven the stability and performance. From Brands such as Walt Disney, Formula 1, some of the busiest airports in the world and cutting edge 21st century commercial buildings, Evercrete builds on its diversified portfolio.

Through this time we have invested in Research and Development along with valuable feedback from customers to upgrade our product ranges, ensuring that our products are as relevant to modern world. Our upgraded line of waterproofing solutions enhances the long term durability of concrete and natural stone structures, resulting in 10 products that are high in quality and very effective for your construction needs. All of our products are environmentally friendly and economical to use.

Founded in the United States, all chemicals used on structural surfaces are approved by the United States Department of Agriculture Food and Safety Inspection Services. Our products have been declared 100% compliant with VOC regulations by the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

Our product lines are invaluable in enhancing the quality and longevity of your concrete for years to come. Our historic track record demonstrates the effectiveness of Evercrete’s product range.

Our products truly do stand the test of time.

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