Facade & Cladding

Facade & Cladding

A façade and cladding cover the exterior of a building. Its purpose is to give it thermal insulation, strong resistance to weather conditions and to sustain the overall appearance. Despite this, facades are still prone to humidity bringing about mold, carbonation and overall physical damages.

Why use Evercrete?

Evercrete product not only helps increase durability but also protects it from carbonation and other physical damages caused by water penetration. This can be brought by natural rainfall or chemical components surrounding the air. Evercrete DPS prevents any form of moisture penetrating concrete, thus ruling out the need for maintenance or restoration.

Evercrete DPS was recommended by one of the most famous consultants, Ove Arup. Meeting the high industry standards, Ove Arup used Evercrete DPS whilst building the Venetian Resort in Macau for waterproofing.