Rapid Repair Mortar (RRM)

Rapid Repair Mortar (RRM)

Evercrete RRM is a high quality pre-mixed, shrinkage-compensated rapid-setting concrete repair. It mixes with water to produce a good consistency, high strength, free-flowing concrete repair. The low water demand ensures high early strength for reinstatement of concrete elements.

Where can it be used?

Evercrete RRM is specially formulated for emergency reinstatement of damaged or deteriorated concrete. Its fast setting and high strength featured efficiency are best suitable for airport runways, railroads, aprons, and heavy traffic locations where downtime is critical. Evercrete RRM can be applied internally or externally, vertically or by an overhead form of application method. It can be applied at 50mm for normal thickness or up to 250mm with an addition of graded aggregate. It is recommended to use 10mm of aggregate if an aggregate is required.

Advantages of Evercrete RRM

– Rapidly sets

– Good bonding to a variety of substrates

– High early and ultimate strength

– Extremely low VOCs and heavy metals

– Low shrinkage effect