Self-Levelling Overlayment (SL)

Self-Levelling Overlayment (SL)

Evercrete® Self-Levelling Overlayment (SL) is a high quality pre-mixed cement-based self-levelling floor screed over concrete substrate. It can be applied to all concrete substrates and can be used for works in apartment units, shopping malls, offices, hotels and schools. It is free from casein and ammonia additives, thus is also suitable for use in contamination prone environments such as hospitals and food preparation or storage areas.

Where to use Evercrete® SL

– Specially formulated to be low shrinkage to minimize the formation of surface cracking.

– Becomes a flowable and pumpable self-levelling floor screed with addition of water.

– Can be applied at thickness between 5mm and 20mm in one operation while the optimum thickness is 5-8mm.

– Designed to set and gain strength quickly for light foot traffic in 4 hours.

Advantages of using Evercrete® SL

– Pumpable and flowable.

– Extremely flat and smooth finish.

– Sound solid surface.

– Good workability.

– Low shrinkage.

– Efficient applications.