Entertainment & Theme Park

Entertainment & Theme Park

The impression on the durability of the structures of an entertainment or theme park is an important aspect of its image and where its success depends on.

The location and the terms for its use needs to be considered along with the durability, processes and expected outcome of its construction, and or any future renovations, restorations or new developments.

Why use Evercrete?

Simply because weather conditions and climate change are inevitable. As an example, concrete structures located in countries with high temperatures needed to be protected against carbonation, which affects reinforcement inside the concrete. According to the BS Standard, Evercrete DPS can effectively help the concrete against carbonation without affecting its natural appearance while maintaining and sustaining it. It has been used on grandstands of a circuit to preserve the concrete structure for a world-class project in the Middle East such as the Yas Marina Formula 1 circuit, to stand the test of time.

Evercrete products is also great as a cost effective means from restorations or repeat restoration which helps its developers or owners more opportunity for a profitable business.