Top Seal Advanced (TSA)

Top Seal Advanced (TSA)

Evercrete TSA is an enhanced formulation of Evercrete TS. By adapting and improving the original formulation of Evercrete TS, we now have a product formulated to deliver a much better concrete durability and increased quality product performance with more surface coverage and increased penetration.
Evercrete TSA remains to be a non-toxic, clear, non-glossy and one coat application water repellent but this time is enhanced with its ability to extend the lifetime of concrete, natural stone such as sandstone or marble, paving, bricks and wood.

With the new enhancement on its formulation, Evercrete TSA now further better protects concrete structures against the daily elements like rain, salts, oils and chemicals that all wear down the integrity of these surfaces over the years leading to unsightly stains, molds, algae and gradual decay. Applying Evercrete TSA like Evercrete TS neither alters the color, texture, or any other physical characteristic of the surface to which it is applied, leaving a clear natural finish that will completely repel water, seal, and waterproof concrete surfaces.

Where can it be used?

Evercrete TSA has a variety of recommended uses such as sealing of concrete and cementitious surfaces as a decorative architectural finish, sealing of brick and blockwork, and natural stone such as granite, marble, and sandstone. It can also be used for residential work applications like bathrooms, patios, decks, driveways, pathway, and walls. For guaranteed effectiveness, approaching a supplier for advice is recommended.

Advantages of Evercrete TSA

– Water repellent

– Water-based and non-toxic

– Only one coat required

– Leaves a clear and natural finish

– Does not alter color, texture or any other physical characteristics of the surface

– Protects reinforcement inside concrete from corrosion

– Resists efflorescence formation

– Reduce algae or mold growth

– Prevents chloride ingress under marine environment

– Prevents water staining on stone cladding and paving

– Can be applied on either dry / damp concrete or natural stone

– Can be applied on either new / existing concrete or natural stone

– UV resistant

– VOC is <1g/l