Basement & Parking

Basement & Parking

Basements and parking lots are subject to severe damages. Particularly, being underground poses a high risk to buildings especially if its foundations are not properly constructed. Basement & parking lots next to/under the sea are an even higher risk.

Regardless of the location, damages can still occur to the structure due either carbon dioxide emission from vehicles, poor ventilation or even the accumulation of radon, all of which can decrease the strength of the structure and pose a danger to human health.

Why use Evercrete?

Evercrete DPS will protect the concrete structure from water absorption, resist chloride ion penetration and prevent carbonation whilst securing the skeletal foundation (reinforcing steel and other embedded metals) from corrosion (leading causes of concrete deterioration) and sustains its compressive strength to ensure the stability of the whole building structure. It has also been proven to solve water leak problems on concrete walls and had helped many management offices to reduce their annual renovation budget.