Our Slogan, “Evercrete – Concrete Solutions That Stand the Test of Time” as a testament to our products, where “Evercrete treated” structures are still standing today.

Since 1942 Evercrete has been manufacturing and distributing
top quality eco-friendly waterproofing materials.

We’re now looking for distributors in your region to represent this prestigious brand with a reputation that sells itself.

Our Slogan, “Evercrete – Concrete Solutions That Stand the Test of Time” as a testament to our products, where “Evercrete treated” structures are still standing today.

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Evercrete has been synonymous with concrete waterproofing since 1942 when the original product was simple and renowned for just getting the job done.

Our Slogan, “Evercrete — Concrete Solutions That Stand the Test of Time”, stands as a testament to our products, with many “Evercrete treated” are still standing today. The Evercrete brand name is more than 70 years old and enjoys a long history with its foundation set firmly in the United States.


The Evercrete product range is typically used for concrete waterproofing, protection, durability and repair. All of our products are environmentally friendly and economical to use. Not only do they enhance any form of concrete, but ensure the quality of the concrete remains intact for years to come. No other product can outlast or outperform authentic Evercrete products.

Deep Penetrating Sealer (DPS)
Evercrete DPS is an environmental friendly, non-toxic, odorless, clear, water-soluble liquid compound, which is safe and easy to use. Evercrete DPS outlasts and outperforms every other sealant on the market today.
Top Seal (TS)
Evercrete TS is a clear non-glossy one coat application water repellent that has the ability to extend the lifetime of concrete, natural stone such as sandstone or marble, paving, bricks and wood
Top Seal Advanced (TSA)
Evercrete TSA is a non-toxic material that penetrates underneath the surface of concrete or natural stone to protect it from water absorption and prevent the formation of stains, mold and algae.
Everwood (EW)
Evercrete EW is an environmental friendly, non-toxic, non-flammable, penetrating alkali activated silica aero gel that seals, hardens, and preserves most wood materials.
Deep Clean (DC)
Evercrete DC system may be used in full strength as an environmentally friendly alternative to muriatic acid and other acids for surface preparation and basic cleaning.
Polymer Modified Cementitious (PMC)
Evercrete PMC is an integrated polymer modified cementitious coating, which can be simply achieved by mixing a pre-packed dry-mixing powder with water, and consequent painting the slurry on various substrates.


Evercrete is ready to complete any type of concrete for commercial, highways, government or civil structures.

Bridge & Highway
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Facade & Cladding
A façade and cladding cover the exterior of a building. Its purpose is to give it thermal insulation......
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Basement & Parking
Basements and parking lots are subject to severe damages. Particularly, being underground......
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Commercial Building
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Residential Building
Residential buildings come in different designs and architecture. But more importantly......
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Public Transportation
Public transport means traffic and high production of carbon dioxide emission from vehicles......
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Power Plant & Sewage Plant
Power plants and sewage plants produces different kinds of chemical compounds......
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Entertainment & Theme Park
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