Waterproofing Plaster (WP)

Waterproofing Plaster (WP)

Evercrete WP is a high-quality polymer modified mortar designed for internal and external wall plastering. It can be applied by hand application onto the concrete or blockwork surfaces. It is capable of building up a layer up to 25mm in one application. (Layer build up is subject to application method.)

Where can it be used?

Evercrete WP is specially formulated for external concrete wall plastering, external block wall plastering and internal walls that are subject to dampness.

Advantages of Evercrete WP

– Consistent quality

– Simple and easy to use

– Decelerates curing process to enhance concrete’s potential strength development and durability

– Minimal application effort

– Reduce risk of delamination

– Better application control

– Improve surface finish

– Reduce water penetration

– Efficient application

– Environmental friendly