Barcode Verification

Product Verification

“Concrete Solutions That Stand the Test of Time” as a testament to Evercrete products,
where “Evercrete treated” structures still standing today.

Evercrete Corporation considers trademark infringement to be a very serious offence. Only genuine Evercrete® trademarked products can be verified as the authentic new product developed for sale by Evercrete Corporation. All such products are labeled as shown below with a hologram and unique serial number. Clients are able to validate the authenticity of a product using the Evercrete® mark by entering the 14 digit serial number displayed below the barcode on any Evercrete® product label.

If you suspect your product is not a genuine Evercrete® product made by Evercrete Corporation and offered through, please contact us with the details at the address or email below. We will follow up with you to validate your information. Trademark infringement violations will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Please enter the product serial number below: