Skimcoat (SC)

Skimcoat (SC)

Evercrete SC is a high quality modified trowellable mortar that results with a highly durable flat surface of a coating finish. It can be applied to concrete substrates, mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles, brick wall, granite stone and textured surface and is compatible with all different brands and types of acrylic paints.

Where can it be used?

Evercrete SC is a smoothing cementitious mortar for internal and external application on new projects or renovation projects for retouching gaps, uneven surfaces, and old tile finishing. It is free from casein and ammonia and therefore suitable for use especially for contamination prone environments such as hospital and food preparation or storage areas.

Advantages of Evercrete WP

– Simple and easy to apply

– Good bonding to substrates

– Extremely low VOC and heavy metals

– Moisture and mold resistant

– Can be polished with suitable quartz sandpaper to provide an excellent polished finish

– Trowellable and brushable