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Press Release 2014
Evercrete New Website November
The city of Bangalore hosted the 2014 edition of ACETECH presented by the ECONOMIC TIMES. Infrastructure remains a key sector in India and Evercrete was very proud to have participated to this event.
Evercrete New Website November
PHILCONSTRUCT is a show dedicated to the Philippines building industry which attended more than 65,000 visitors and which is considerate as the biggest trade show in the Philippines in this sector. The Building Industry is growing very fast and Philippines are regarded as a promising market where numerous projects whether in the road construction, house or commercial building are planned.
Evercrete New Website September
Evercrete appoints Onn Concrete Solution as a
new distributor in Malaysia
Evercrete is proud to announce that Onn Concrete Solution has been appointed as a new distributor in Malaysia.
Evercrete New Website August
Evercrete begins the approach into the African Market
We are pleased to announce the first article for Evercrete now has a presence on the African Construction Review Online website.
Evercrete New Website July
Evercrete presentation to the representatives of the
Lebanese Ministry of National Defense
After appointing Construction Solution Technology (CST) as the Evercrete Master Agent for the Middle East Region in 2011, the Evercrete distribution network expanded into Lebanon.
Evercrete New Website June
The Russian online magazine Terra-Expo devotes
a full page to Evercrete
We are pleased to announce that Terra-Expo dedicated a full page to Evercrete on its website.
Evercrete New Website May
Galaxy Contracting Ltd., exclusive Evercrete
Distributor in Hong Kong since 10 years
We are pleased to announce the 10 years anniversary between Evercrete and Galaxy Contracting Limited formed by Sun Chung Kee (SCK), our Hong Kong distributor.
Evercrete New Website April
The city of Mumbai hosted the Concrete Show 2014 at the Bombay Convention and Exhibition Center which is the first event in India dedicated to the Concrete Industry. India¡¦s Planning Commission has projected a total investment of approximately $1 Trillion in India¡¦s Infrastructure sector during the 12th Five Year Plan with 50 percent expected to come from the private sector. Infrastructure remains a key sector for the Indian economy.
Evercrete New Website March
FEICON BATIMAT is considered the first Construction exhibition in South America with attendance of more than 130 thousand visitors and qualified buyers. The construction sector in this region is growing very fast and has a great potential. This exhibition represented an excellent opportunity for exhibitors and especially for Evercrete to show their latest products and technologies.
Evercrete New Website February
Evercrete Philippines
A new branch
Evercrete is very pleased to announce the opening in Philippines of its newest branch to address expanding regional activity.