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 Evercrete Press Release

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Press Release 2011
Cementitious Product December
Evercrete Announcement
*New Products*
Evercrete is very pleased and excited to announce a new range of products. After extensive trials and tests over the last couple of years, Evercrete can now finally present a comprehensive solution which is not only completely compatible with our existing waterproofing product, but also stand to rival those of our competitors.
Lebanon Seminar November
Evercrete Seminar in Beirut, Lebanon
Congratulations to Evercrete's Lebanese distributor - Ets. Derviche Y Haddad Sarl who organized its first and very successful seminar on 28th of November 2011 in the capital city Beirut in conjunction with Evercrete's Middle Eastern Master Agent - Construction Solution Technology (CST).
India Delhi Metro October
Evercrete is now approved by the
India Delhi Metro Rail Corporation
Being a world-class metro, Delhi Metor, needs to ensure reliability and safety in train operations. The Delhi Metro is equipped with the most modern communication, equipment and control systems. In order to further inprove the quality, Delhi Meto Rail Corporation (DMRC) approved the use of Evercrete products on their entire existing and future project.
Manila Seminar September
Evercrete Seminar in Manila, Philippines
Four Years down the line and Evercrete is another success story in the Philippines, Evercrete has been used on many prestigious projects in this country. The most prestigious project is the "Resort World Manila" where Evercrete DPS was applied on the concrete structure to protect the reinforcement against carbonation and protect their structure for the long term maintenance.
Hue Sun Library, Royal Cambodia University July
Evercrete in Cambodia
Evercrete has cooperated with Seng Enterprise to develop the Cambodian market since 2009' to bring quality waterproofing material to this historical country. Now established after 2 years, Evercrete has been accepted and approved by the local Architectural and Corporate families of Cambodia.
Jal Mahal Resorts May
Evercrete - Celebrity Choice
The most trustable and reliable brand in India
Since 2007, Evercrete has cooperated with Polyflex to develop the India market and bring quality waterproofing materials to this historical country. To date Evercrete has been used in many of the projects all around India and has been accepted and approved by the Government, Corporate Companies and Indian Celebrities.
Lebanon Distributor March
A brand new Lebanon
Evercrete now available
Evercrete is pleased to announce that Evercrete Master Agent in Middle East, Construction Solution Technology (CST), has made a great breakthrough in expanding the distribution network - Ets. Derviche Y. Haddad Sarl has been appointed as an Evercrete distributor under CST management in Lebanon.
Middle East Distributor February
New Face in the Middle East
Evercrete appoints CST as Master Agent for the Middle East Market
Evercrete is pleased to announce that Construction Solution Technology (CST) has been appointed as the Evercrete Master Agent for the Middle East region.