Evercrete has been synonymous with concrete waterproofing since 1942 when the original product was simple and renowned for just getting the job done.

Our Slogan, "Evercrete -- Concrete Solutions That Stand the Test of Time", stands as a testament to our products, with many "Evercrete treated" structures still standing today. The Evercrete brand name is more than 70 years old and enjoys a long history with its foundation set firmly in the United States.


Evercrete has released a new brochure detailing full range of the products.

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 Evercrete Deep Penetrating Sealer (DPS)
 For waterproofing and preserving concrete.

 Evercrete Top Seal (TS)
 Water repellent for stone and concrete.

 Evercrete Top Seal Advanced (TSA)
 The ultimate stone and concrete protector.

 Evercrete Everwood (EW)
 Extending the lifetime of wooden surface.

 Evercrete Deep Clean (DC)
 Multipurpose deep penetrating cleaner.

 Evercrete Polymer Modified Cementitious (PMC)
 Waterproofing slurry for exterior and interior application.

 Evercrete Flexible Modified Cementitious (FMC)
 Flexible waterproofing slurry for exterior and interior application.

 Evercrete Rapid-setting Repair Mortar (RRM)
 The fast setting and high strengthabilities repair mortar.

 Evercrete Waterproofing Plaster (WP)
 High quality polymer modified mortar designed for internal and  external wall plastering.

 Evercrete Skimcoat / Tile Filler (SC)
 Provide a smooth finishing on Concrete / Tile.

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